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Could The Stow Flexx Folding Car Trailer Be The Solution For Storage Problems?

At the recent Prevost Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida, Linkletter Manufacturing unveiled its new Stow-Flexx trailer. Unlike any trailer I’ve seen to date, this model solves the issue of storing a trailer while visiting a campground. It accomplishes this feat in less than three minutes in a method that resembles a Transformers movie.

In the video posted below, you’ll see a full demonstration of the Stow-Flexx folding trailer in action. While the developer addresses some of the more common questions, since this product has not yet gone into full production, he is seeking input. So feel free to post your questions here, on the associated YouTube page or on your favorite motorhome forum or Facebook group.

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For more information on the Stow-Flex Folding Trailer, here’s the manufacturer’s website:

Here’s The Video:

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