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Jupiter Bike’s Folding Electric Scooter Transforms From Compact To Functional In Minutes

I’ll admit, when I was perusing the aisles at the RV Super Show in Tampa last month, I almost kept walking past Jupiter Bike’s small booth. Since I attended the show with the purpose of checking out the latest in RV’s and travel trailers and already own a folding electric bike, I didn’t think this product was something I would actually use. Yes, I’m an old school reviewer and I actually use the products I review. Also, reviews take time and I needed to evaluate if this was something that could hold my interest during the process. Since I pay for the items that I review and don’t accept freebies I asked myself these questions:

  • Is the Jupiter Bike cute? Yes.
  • Does it fold to the most compact configuration I’ve seen on an electric scooter? Yes.
  • Could this product fit into a motorhome lifestyle? Yes.

Video Of The Jupiter Bike Setup Process Is Located Below This Post

So I spent some time at the booth seeking more information and even rode it around the show aisles. Here’s a link to that story: First Look: Jupiter Bike

Understanding that I recently purchased Rad Power Bike’s RadMini folding electric bicycle and being a motorhome owner, there’s a limit on what you can carry on the bus. Then, there’s there’s the obvious fact the RadMini is much more functional than the Jupiter Bike. (Review link below) With the RadMini, I can pedal it like a standard bike, use its pedal assist feature or twist the throttle for a full electric ride.

In terms of function, the Jupiter Bike is totally different than the RadMini as it’s basically an electric scooter that is operated in a seated position.

With its fat and somewhat knobby tires, it’s idea for riding around campgrounds that can have a variety of road surfaces. My motivation for purchasing the RadMini was its multiple locking hinges that allow it to fold and stow for somewhat compact storage in my motorhome or Jeep. I say “somewhat” as when compared to the Jupiter Bike, it’s a relative term. It’s safe to say that you can get three or four folded Jupiter Bike’s in the space of one folded RadMini.

In terms of function, the Jupiter Bike is totally different than the RadMini as it’s basically an electric scooter that is operated in a seated position.

While I haven’t put the Jupiter Bike through its full-paces and can’t yet offer a buy rating, I have performed the setup process and have a few seat miles over various surfaces in my neighborhood. I can say that its compact size does come with trade-offs and I’ll be soon evaluating the benefits to see if the pros outweigh the cons. After all, it’s a $900 purchase and I don’t take my recommendations lightly. It’s currently stowed in a bay on my motorhome and I hope to have a full review posted in the near future, so stay tuned!

Here’s the video:

Over the next few weeks I’ll put the Jupiter Bike through the paces and I’ll report back with a full review and opinion. To keep posted on my new videos, Subscribe to my YouTube channel and like us at

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