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MantelMount Solves The Age Old Problem Of Mounting A TV Over A Fireplace

When it comes to watching movies and TV shows at home, I’m an old school guy. While it seems that some are satisfied watching movies on phones and tablets, I prefer watching programming on the largest screen possible.

if you’re mounting a TV above a fireplace you already know there’s challenges and trade offs

Placing a TV at the proper viewing height is an important factor for the immersive viewing experience that larger screens deliver. While there’s different opinions on this topic, I feel you’ll have the best viewing experience if your eyesight line hits the lower third of the TV screen. With that said, if you’re mounting a TV above a fireplace you already know there’s challenges and trade offs. Yes, it may look nice mounted high on the wall, but when you’re seated on the sofa or recliner you’ll quickly learn it’s most likely too high for optimum viewing.

Below you’ll find a video that shows the  MantelMount in action

I recently moved into a new home and while a TV was already mounted above the living room fireplace, I decided to replace the existing mount and try a product that’s been on my radar the past two years…the MantelMount.

Below you’ll find a video that shows the MantelMount in action, but allow me to provide some details. The most important factor of this mount is its function as it incorporates a mechanism comprised of springs and gas pistons that allows you to easily raise and lower a TV over a fireplace. Three models are currently available designed for TVs ranging from 44″ to 75″ and can securely hold TVs that weigh in up to 115 lbs.

As an accessory, a soundbar mount is available that can hold units that are up to 3″ tall. This is a nice feature as it’s mounted directly below the TV and keeps the sound within a close proximity of the image. In my experience with theMantel I’ve learned this may be a good solution for mid-sized TVs, but I’ve yet to find a low profile soundbar that’s worthy of being a companion of larger, higher end flat screen models in larger room scenarios. However, there is a workaround that allows the MantelMount to hold a taller soundbar on select models.

Located just below the TV (or the soundbar if that mount is attached) is a pair of handles that provide a safe method of raising and lowering the TV. After all, when you have a heavy TV on a movable mount, it’s not advisable to grab the TV itself and the handles address that issue.

Another feature that I’ll call noteworthy is the function of the handles as they are covered with a material that incorporate a temperature sensor. While it’s advisable not to lower the TV over an active fireplace, since this mechanism arcs and extends a bit as part of its motion, depending on the heat dissipation of your fireplace, it can be done. Here’s where things get cool when they get hot:

If the handles detect a temperature more than 110 degrees, they will glow in a tomato-red color. This is a good cautionary device that the handles may be too hot to handle as well as one that shows, at a glance, the heat from the fireplace could potentially damage the TV or wiring. It’s one of those nice touches that makes a product functional to its purpose.

Depending on your DIY skill level, this may be a job you want to tackle. In my case, I left it to the pros at Millennium Systems Design perform the installation and was told the instructions were clear and concise. A recessed mounting box is available as an option that allows the TV to rest just a couple of inches away from the wall when in the upright position.

Here’s the Video:

I’ve been using the MM700 for a month and allow me to say that I’m impressed and have no problem recommending the MantelMount. Three models are currently available and it’s best to describe them as good, better and best with prices ranging from $230 to $850. More information and FAQs are available at or if you’re interested in buying, here’s Amazon links and prices:

Good – MM340: $229:

Better – MM540: $399

Best – MM700: $699

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