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Tow Tower Lifts Front Wheel Drive Cars For Towing Without Dolly

There’s a difference between a review and an overview.

For example, when I review a product, I go hands-on and use it in the method in which it is designed. If it performs as promoted and, in my opinion, is considered a competitive value in it’s category, I’ll have no hesitancy in providing a “buy” recommendation. However, if I’m simply receiving a demonstration of a product and have no first-hand usage experience, I’ll consider that story to be an overview and will reserve my opinion for a time when I’ve had the opportunity to put it through its paces.

In this video, you’ll meet Pat Stella of Tow Tower and see a demonstration of his new device. Simply stated, it attaches to a motorhome’s trailer hitch and, depending on the Tow Tower model, it uses an electric motor or hydraulics to lift a tow vehicle’s front wheels off the ground. Since I tow a Jeep Wrangler with all four wheels on the ground, I have no experience towing a front wheel drive vehicle behind a motorhome. I’ve seen other motorhome owners using tow dollies to pull front wheel drive vehicles in this fashion and I am to understand that one of the headaches is what to do with the dolly once you’ve arrived at the destination.

The Tow Dolly seems to address this issue, but for the rest of the equation, I’ll let you be the Judge and let me know if this is a product that you find worthwhile.


I’m seeing a few common questions on my YouTube channel and thought I would attempt to answer them. Please note, I just ask the questions in my videos and am not affiliated with this product in any way, nor am II a towing expert. I’m simply a motorhome user who has a background in reporting on new products. As always, no consideration or payment of any form was provided to me for the production of this video. .

While the Tow Tower provides an alternative to towing front wheel drive cars and in some cases can replace a tow dolly, it’s best compared to a tow bar as it connects to a motorhome’s trailer hitch and then to the vehicle. Because it’s not a tow dolly that (sometimes) incorporates brakes and lighting, this product connects these features in a similar manner as a tow bar. To accomplish this, a braking system (such as an Air Force One) would need to be installed in the vehicle and connected to the motorhome’s air line. Lighting a car’s tail lamps would also require a connection between the motorhome and the car.

In terms of tongue weight, yes that appears to be a limiting factor as it seems it’s designed for larger motorhomes and possibly, smaller, lighter vehicles.

One question that came up after I posted this video is how to access the motorhome’s engine bay doors when the tow dolly is attached to the motorhome. I don’t have that answer.

I’ve received PM’s asking if I will be doing a hands-on test of this product and the simple answer is: Not at this time. I flat tow my vehicles using a Blue Ox Tow Bar and after 10,000+ miles of flat towing two different vehicles, I am happy with the setup I’m using.. I don’t own a front wheel drive vehicle so there’s no motivation on my part to do more than simply allow the manufacturer to tell his story and provide a demo.

When it comes to the manufacturer’s claim that the mounting brace doesn’t violate the manufacturer’s warranty, I can’t say that I was 100% satisfied with the response provided as it sounded (to me) that his dealer didn’t have an issue working on his car with this device attached. There’s a difference between a dealer and manufacturer. I have no reason to doubt this claim.

After we completed shooting this video, I asked if he had the proper liability insurance in place and the answer was affirmative.

The bottom line: This product could be an alternative to requiring a dolly or trailer to tow some front wheel drive vehicles. However, that will depend on the specific motorhome and vehicle in the equation. This is a first generation product and I can only guess this company will be looking at improvements and possibly additional offerings in the future.

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