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Prevost For Newbies – Part 7: What It’s Like To Drive A Prevost

As a Prevost owner, This is one the question I’ve been asked on multiple occasions:

What is it like to drive Prevost?

In the video below, I’ll attempt to answer that question.

But first, allow me to point out that the Prevost Expo opens its doors next week and if you’re shopping for a pre-owned Prevost, this is a must visit event.

I attended last years’ show and after shopping for nearly two years for a full size motorhome, this is where I found the bus that called my name. Simply stated, the Prevost Expo features by far, the best assortment of pre-owned Prevost motorhomes on the planet…really! Quite possibly, with more than 50 Prevost motorhomes on display, there’s a good chance they have one with your name on it! Here’s a link: Prevost Expo Information

Now, with close to 8,000 miles of seat time, while I may not be the most mechanical person you’ll ever meet, I’m now somewhat qualified to answer the question, what it’s like to drive a Prevost.

Instead of one of my long winded posts, I’ll let the video do the talking.

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