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Veego 750 eBike Review

Ride Scoozy Veego 750 Delivers Hot Rod Power – Great Value Fat Tire eBike

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical in purchasing a Veego 750 eBike. The reason for my apprehension was the lack of online reviews for this model.

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Ride Scoozy Veego 750 eBike Review

Let’s face it, when making an online purchase, especially a product from a relatively unknown company (and one that sports a four digit price tag), most of us tend to start our search online to read various reviews before proceeding. While there’s a few videos online of the Veego 750, it seems the major eBike review sites have somehow skipped this model. For that reason and because of its unique design (and bright, highly visible yellow color offering) while I was a bit nervous in pressing the buy button, I decided to take one for the team.

I’ll cut to the chase of this review and state upfront that I’m glad I added the Veego 750 to my growing fleet of electric bicycles as it’s totally different from my other eBikes and is easy and fun to ride. In fact, compared to two other fat tire bikes I’ve purchased, the Veego 750 can be considered to be the hot rod of the bunch and a good value in the fat tire category.

Step Thru Design

What attracted me to this model was its unique, ultra low step through design. Yes, some people will call this a “girl’s bike,” but I’ll be the first to differ. Considering the majority of electric bike sales these days are to us older folks, this design is a welcomed break from standard framed models which require the rider to throw a leg over the rear tire to mount/dismount. This U-shaped frame adds a new dimension in terms of ease of riding that some manufacturers seem to have overlooked. Yes, there’s other step-thru eBikes out there, but it seems that most of them have placed the battery where it could impede mounting/dismounting. Since the battery on this model is mounted behind the seat post, it simply doesn’t have this issue.Ride Scoozy Veego 750 eBike Review

Easy Assembly

While I would prefer purchasing my eBikes from a local bike shop as it would allow me to skip the unboxing/assembly process, it seems that bike shops in my area have yet to fully commit to carrying a wide assortment of eBikes. I must say the Veego 750 was a welcomed change to other models that were nothing short of confusing for this non-mechanical type to assemble. In case you missed it, I posted an unboxing story and video and simply stated, this was a real no brainer to assemble.

Lights, Fenders and Rack Included

Another factor that drew me to this model was that everything was included. The rear rack, which some manufactures sell as an accessory, is incorporated into the frame. Both the front and rear lights operate with a single touch of a button and are powered by the built in battery, eliminating the need to add AA batteries to the rear tail lamp. Both the front and rear fenders are included and pre-installed. And then there’s the seat…Ride Scoozy Veego 750 eBike Review

Ultra Comfort Seat

Unlike most eBikes I’ve seen that include a thin, somewhat narrow, gel padded seat, the Veego 750 includes a wide Cloud 9 seat that has more than ample padding and allows for long, comfortable rides. This is often an overlooked area that I wish other manufacturers who sell “comfort” bikes would consider. While there’s no one-size-fits-all bicycle seat, everyone who has sat on this bike immediately commented on the comfort of the seat. Combined with the adjustable handlebar height, it was simple for me to find that ergonomic sweet spot. Ride Scoozy Veego 750 eBike Review

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Hot Rod-like eBike Speeds

Another major factor of this bike is that it’s ultra powerful. It seems that some bike manufacturers play confusing games when it comes to the actual power delivered to the rear wheel by stating some agressive power ratings. While I’m not going to play engineer, I will say the Veego’s 750 watt system delivers a heck of lot power that translates to out of the box speeds of more than 27 mph. Its controller has three modes (Eco, Normal and Power) that combined with its seven speed shifter and nine pedal assist modes allow the user to custom tailor the experience to their type of riding. Personally, since I ride for exercise, I preferred the Eco setting combined with one of the lower pedal assist modes. The controller allows quite a bit of customization, but for this review I stayed within the preset options.

Functional Trip Meter

Unlike some eBikes that automatically reset the trip meter every time it’s powered off, the Veego 750 retains the trip odometer reading until the rider decides to manually reset. This is a very good thing as you can track how many miles you’ve logged in a day, week or longer or how many miles have accumulated since the last charge and not be limited to viewing the mileage achieved per leg or power cycle. When desired, resetting the trip meter is a simple task and takes less than ten seconds. Not all eBike manufacturers do this and I thought it was worth highlighting.


At the time of this post (July 2018), the MSRP of the Veego 750 is $1,699 and is currently on back order for a few weeks. As an incentive and for a $250 deposit, Ride Scoozy is offering a $200 discount which brings the net price to $1,499. Please note this price does include shipping within the Continental USA. 

Please note that no payment or consideration was provided to The Gadget Guru for this review. The opinions contained within this video are my own. If you are a manufacturer or a distributor who would like The Gadget Guru to review your product, please use the Contact form at the top of the page. 

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