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Prevost For Newbies: What You Need To Know About Featherlite Coaches

Continuing my series of interviews with motorhome industry executives, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jimmy Adams, President of Featherlite Coaches at the Prevost Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Like my other industry interviews, no topics were out of bounds and no notes or scripts were used. It’s simply an on the record conversation related to the company, design philosophy and what his company does do to separate their products from others. This interview was conducted in February 2019 at the Prevost Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida. During this event I had the opportunity to produce a variety of videos that can be found on this site or on my YouTube channel at

This is a two-part interview and here’s the subjects covered in each episode.

Part One

  • Featherlite’s History
  • Amadas Industries
  • What Makes Featherlite Unique Among Other Prevost Converters
  • How Many Prevost Motorhomes Featherlite Produces Annually
  • Floor Plans Offered
  • Does Featherlite Create True Custom Motor Coaches?


Part Two

  • Budget Needed To Build A New Coach
  • Which Slides? Featherlite or Prevost
  • Weight Of Completed Coaches Leaving The Featherlite Factory
  • Lithium Battery Options
  • Vantare: Is Every Featherlite Motorhome A Vantare?


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