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Chapter 2: Andy Visits Prevost Converter Liberty Coach Florida

My second stop was just a short drive from my home and that was to Prevost Converter, Liberty Coach in Port St. Lucie, Florida. While I wasn’t planning on exploring a Prevost conversion, due to the advice of my new friends at the Jupiter-Palm Beach Motorcoach Resort, they provided an introduction to the owner of Liberty Coach. While he wasn’t available during my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting with 35 year coach veteran, Dave Wishnoff, who took the time to give me an overview of what they do at Liberty Coach.

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The moment I pulled in the parking lot, I knew this would be a different than the experience I had at La Mesa RV. But that was to be expected considering Liberty created coaches in the million dollar price range.

While I’m still at the learning stage and hope I’m translating this properly, Liberty is considered to be a Prevost converter. This company, like other converters, purchase the chassis from Prevost, a well known, high quality bus-style bus manufacturer and they design the house that sits atop the coach. Liberty’s designers work with individual customers to custom design a coach for a specific buyer’s needs. The workmanship in these coaches is remarkable and well more than a step above what is found from the mainstream manufacturers’ motorhomes that are sold at the super dealers.

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From what I’m to understand from a single visit to its Florida showroom, the customer works closely with the Liberty staff to custom design the interior spaces and to select items such as floors, fabrics, furniture, counter tops and cabinetry. All cabinetry items are hand-made by Liberty’s craftsmen and the sky is the limit on what materials can be used in the new coach.

Other topics discussed in this video is an overview of the services provided by Liberty, specifics on warranty and emergency service, new driver training and licensing.

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