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Chapter 3: Learning To Drive A Motorhome – Part 1: Motorhome 101

It’s official, I’ve started my quest to learn to drive a motorcoach. This is Part 1 of a three part video series that highlights my experience of taking a two-day Learning To Drive A Motorhome class at Motorhomes of Texas in Nachogdoches, Texas. So, it’s no surprise that he prefers Foretravel coaches!

In this episode you’ll meet Keith Davis, my Instructor for this class. Keith has quite a bit of experience with Foretravel Motorcoaches and spend many years in numerous departments at the factory. He later took his expertise to Motorhomes of Texas.

Davis worked with the Management of Motorhomes of Texas to come up with a program to teach potential new owners the basics of handling a larger motorhome.

He started by walking around the coach and providing a pre-trip inspection. Then, I took the seat and received my first lesson on mirror adjustment and learned the importance of constantly monitoring where you are in your lane and what’s around you at all times. While modern coaches have cameras that deliver various exterior views, cameras or monitors can cease to operate and that’s why not relying on only the cameras and understanding how to interpret what’s in your mirrors are so important.

Davis then drove me to a parking lot where I had my first “true” motorhome driving lesson in a 40′ Foretravel Nimbus!

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