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Part Two: What You Need To Know About Airstream Sprinter Touring Coaches

This is Part Two of a Four Part series entitled, What You Need To Know About Airstream Touring Coaches.

In this series, The Gadget Guru interviews Justin Humphreys, the Vice President of Sales of Airstream, Inc., and various topics are discussed regarding Airstreams Sprinter Touring Coach Business as well as the specific models in the lineup. Part One is posted below and future episodes of this series will be posted in this thread. To be notified when new chapters are released, subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell as that will send an email when a new episode is released. and follow at

Part Two Contents

0: 47 –  Airstream’s solution to dumping the tanks

2:25    Is a Class-B a good choice for a 1st time buyer?

3:25    Training new owners during a pandemic

5:30    The importance of checklists

7:10    Necessary Accessories

8:46  – Obtaining Timely Service

11:14  – Service Intervals

14:13 – Factory Warranty

15:05 – Roadside Service

16:05 – Obtaining Service While Traveling

18:28 – Part Three contents

Here’s The Video

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