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The DJI Mic Review: A Noteworthy Two Channel Wireless Microphone That Has Room For Improvement

DJI’s new two channel wireless microphone system, dubiously named the DJI Mic, is this company’s second entrance into the wireless microphone accessory business, but it’s their first two channel model.

While countless influencers received units from DJI, I purchased mine unit at retail from Multicopter Warehouse who provided a wonderful purchase experience. No compensation of any type was provided for this review.

While the DJI Mic is noteworthy, there are a few areas that could use improvement.

Here’s the video:

Links for products mentioned in this video:

DJI Mic:
Saramonic Blink 500 Pro for iPhones:
Saramonic Blink 500 Pro of Android/USB-C phones or tablets:
Lightning compatible cable for iPhone stereo recording:
USB-C Cable for DJI Mic to connect to iPad:
Saramonic Blink 900:
Shure MVL Wired Microphone:
Rode Interview GO:

In summary, all in all, while this is not DJI’s first entrance into the wireless microphone business, it is their first entry into the two channel market. Allow me to say that even with my complaints, the DJI Mic is noteworthy and at $329, it’s a pretty good value and is worth consideration. However, like all products, the devil is in the details and it seems that DJI has room for improvement in its next generation of two channel microphones.

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