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RV Trip Wizard Review

Review: Should You Buy The RV Trip Wizard Trip Planning Program?

If you follow this channel you already know that Siren and myself have been testing the RV Trip Wizard during our 1,400 mile “Escape the Humidity” Road Trip from Orlando, FL to Petoskey, Michigan. While I took on the task of evaluating the program’s interface, Siren’s responsibility was to check the accuracy of the results.

In this Road Trip episode we’ll reveal our findings and let you know what we like about the RV Trip Wizard and what needs improvement. You’ll also get to know more about Siren and what she does when she’s not traveling on a Prevost motor coach.

I’ll state upfront that I consider RV Trip Wizard (RVTW) a useful trip planning aid as it combines various functions into a single interface. While all of the features of this program can be found is various apps, just the convenience of having various functions included in a single package makes it noteworthy.

With that said, the RVTW still very rough around the edges and I can only hope the programmers get to work and repair issues such as incorrectly placed or mislabeled mile markers for rest areas and fuel stops and a somewhat buggy interface sooner than later. During the month-long test, while I did receive an email notification that some features have been refined, the accuracy of the results needs to be addressed. I’ll add that I’m a bit miffed that although the user enters the RV’s dimensions, the map route generated is a basic Google Map route and not one that is considered to be RV friendly. So, while this is a useful trip planning program and one that I’ll continue to use, there’s room for improvement.

I also found the linked campground reviews to be helpful, but again, I found a few bugs. As an example, I’ll use the popular Fort Wilderness campground located at Disney World in Florida. As you can see in the photos below, the review ratings are not standard in the various views. Since I’m familiar with this campground and know that it’s one of the most desirable in the USA, I was a bit miffed by this and will chalk it up to a bug.

Here’s the summary video where you can learn more about Siren and our verdict on the RV Trip Wizard trip planning program:

In case you missed the four-part Escape the Humidity Road Trip, here’s the series:

In the video I reference the tutorial that I found helpful in getting to know how to use this program. Here’s a link: RV Trip Wizard Tutorial Video

RV Trip Wizard is a subscription program and is priced at $39 per year. For more information, go to

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