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Prevost For Newbies – Part 10: What You Need To Know About Millennium Luxury Coaches

Believe it or not, this is Part 10 of The Gadget Guru’s Prevost for Newbies video series. In previous posts I’ve covered various aspects of shopping for a new or pre-owned luxury motorcoach as well as understanding the operations of a Prevost motorhome. Now I’m expanding the series to focus on the various Prevost converters. As I’ve learned, while the various of top tier motorhomes may look somewhat similar as they share one of the two Prevost motorhome chassis designs, the exterior is where the similarities end.

In this two-part video, you’ll meet Nelson Figueroa, the President of Millennium Luxury Coaches and hear, in his own words, what separates Millennium Luxury Coaches from other Prevost Motorhome conversions.

I first met Nelson when he delivered a presentation at the 2018 Prevost Expo in West Palm Beach. It was during this presentation I quickly learned that he has a great level of passion for the motorhomes he designs and, as you’ll see in the videos, he places a priority on simplified technology and customer service and satisfaction. As highlighted in the interview, Millennium utilizes Lutron and Savant electronic systems to provide the user interface and, as Nelson states, these components allow him to deliver an enhanced user experience.

A Conversation With Nelson Figueroa of Millennium Luxury Coaches – Part 1


  • Customer Service
  • Slides
  • Lutron Processors
  • Electronics
  • Silent Shades
  • Lutron vs Crestron
  • Bluetooth
  • Exterior Bays
  • Lithium Ion Technology on a Motorhome
  • Holding Tanks

A Conversation With Nelson Figueroa of Millennium Luxury Coaches – Part 2


  • Interior Design Trends
  • Floor Plans
  • Ceilings
  • Pricing and Budget
  • Millennium Buyer
  • Factory Tours
  • Contact Information

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