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Attending the RV Super Show? Watch These Videos And Ask Questions!

If you’re attending the RV Super Show in Tampa this week with the intention of purchasing a motorhome, be sure to ask the manufacturer about the quality of construction and how they take care of the customer after the sale.

While I was intrigued with the creative layouts and spent more than a year considering a new Class A motorhome, after much time and research, I purchased a pre-owned Prevost. While new Prevost busses are notably more expensive than Class A RVs, the difference in build quality and after the sales service are world’s apart. But you may be surprised that the price difference between a pre-owned Prevost and a new Class A is not that much of a leap. Considering the quality of construction and the availability of service, a pre-owned Prevost may be a wise choice.

This brief factory video speaks volumes and if you’re intrigued, watch the video that follows that explains why a preowned Prevost may deliver a better long term experience than a new Class A.

Here’s an interview that should answer a few more questions:

The bottom line is to shop with your head and look at more than just the interior layout and pretty paint. Then, consider the inherent safety characteristics of a Prevost chassis and equate that to the safety of your family, friends and passengers.

While I do not work for Prevost, I am a customer and can tell you the first year ownership experience of my pre-owned coach has delivered a positive experience. When service was needed, appointments were made quickly at the factory facilities and I was in and out in a day. I’ll add that in just a few weeks the Prevost Expo opens its doors and that’s the place to find a wide assortment of pre-owned models under one roof. Yes, I speak from experience as that’s where I found my motorhome! Check it out here:



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