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What You Need To Know About Paint Protection Film – XPEL Ultimate Film Installation on a New Corvette

While some people may think it’s overkill to go to the expense of having clear film applied over a car, for some vehicles, it makes sense. 

Simply stated, having film applied over the front protects the finish from chips and scratches that can be caused by rocks or road debris. Paint protection film can be considered to be an additional level of paint and surface protection from forces of nature, such as bird poop or bug goop if it’s removed promptly. It can even protect the finish from scratches that occur when a critter happens to crawl across the hood of your car.

While somewhat expensive, today’s paint protection film from XPEL and Scotchgard feature self healing properties so that scratches can be repaired by simply placing the vehicle in sunlight where the film will meld and make scratches disappear. 

In this video you’ll meet Wendy Vespucci the owner/operator of Ultra Shield Orlando and she’ll answer just about any question you may have about paint protection film. And yes, it can be used to protect the surface of the front of a motorhome…but watch the video as Wendy tells you the best practice for using this type of film.

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