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What You Need To Know About Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Sometimes pictures don’t do a property justice.

That’s the case with the Mountain Falls Motorcoach Resort in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. If you take a moment to click through the photos below, I have no doubt you’ll see what makes this resort special.

Mountain Falls, in my opinion, is truly a luxury motor coach resort

NOTE:  A video interview with the Director of Sales of this resort appears at the end of this post.

What Is Mountain Falls?

It seems these days, many companies are quick to use the words luxury or resort when describing a location designed for large recreational vehicles. Before I begin my review, I’ll cut to the chase and state Mountain Falls, in my opinion, is truly a luxury motor coach resort. In fact, depending on your definition, since it includes a golf course, tennis and pickle ball courts, two pools, a catering facility and a social facility, these amenities could allow this resort to fall within the definition of a country club. While there’s no membership fee for the use of the facilities, the current homeowner’s dues are $915.00 per quarter.Upon entering the property, at first glance you’ll see a lush golf green bordered by a pond and fountain on the left and a well appointed management office on the right. A security gate that requires a code for entry is at the property’s front entrance. All this is bordered with colorful, tasteful manicured landscaping and is framed by a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge mountains which feature sunsets that make you gaze with wonder. This first glance speaks volumes, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

As its name implies, Mountain Falls is a mountain top motorcoach resort that’s geared to owners of Class A Motorhomes. This property includes a total of 230 motorhome sites of which 144 are in its phase one valley section. 86 sites cliff side lots are located in its phase two, mountain top ridge section. Phase one is fully sold out, but resales are available. A few undeveloped lots are remaining in the phase two mountain top Ridge section. I’ll add, there’s no phase three planned as the maximum size of the community lots has been reached.There is no mandatory rule on lot improvements and if one chooses, a lot owner can simply construct a pad, install utilities and enjoy the view and amenities. However, it seems the majority of lot owners have installed upgrades ranging from outdoor living spaces with fireplaces, countertops and covered patio areas to full blown indoor/outdoor cottages designed for entertaining or simply kicking-back and enjoying the view.

A Homeowner’s Association is in place that insures all lots maintain the design standards of the community and governs that structures do not impede the view of neighboring lots. A video interview is located at the end of this post that goes into great detail (and includes aerial video) of the Mountain Falls resort and will show you what separates this community from other upscale resorts.I use the word “community” as this is more than a typical RV park. During my stay 70% of the visitors are lot owners with the balance renting properties for short or longer term stays. During homeowner’s association or vendor sponsored events, I had the opportunity to meet both visitors and owners and I must say this is a friendly community.While I didn’t participate, I’m to understand that pickle ball is a popular activity and a scheduled game that welcomes newcomers starts at 9am throughout the week. While the games are scheduled round-robin style where anyone can join in, staff is on hand to set up games and regularly scheduled tournaments.

Expensive Or A Good Value?

Proving the fact that not all RV parks and resorts are created equally, this resort is not for the faint of wallet. However, considering the amenities, the low humidity climate and the breathtaking views, I feel it’s priced fairly based on other resorts I’ve visited. While the ridge lots are considered to be on the higher end of the scale, they deliver an environment not commonly found in RV resorts.

Typical of mountain communities, it’s not located close to major shopping centers, but there’s quite a few choices of various stores, restaurants and food and sundry supplies within a half hour drive.

While we all have different definitions of value, with all things considered, I feel I paid a fair price and consider this a good value.

In my opinion the prices are justified as Mountain Falls is much more than a RV park, it’s a full amenity, safe and secure luxury motorcoach resort. While short and long term rentals are available and priced between $85 and $135 per night, current lot purchase prices start in the $100K range in the Valley section (where I stayed and pictured below) and the nearly sold out Ridge lots can cost $250K. The Ridge lot prices don’t factor cottage additions, which depending on various factors, can raise the investment another $500K or more.With that said, during my stay I rented a valley lot for the month of July 2017 and paid a total of $2,347. This lot is located on the higher part of the valley section and included patio furniture and a stone and granite countertop area. A fireplace is located on the lot, but community rules, and I’ll assume this is for safety reasons, don’t allow renters to use this amenity.

While we all have different definitions of value, with all things considered, I feel I paid a fair price and consider this a good value.

Getting There

…construction is underway to straighten many of the tight switchbacks of the the Northern section of Highway 64 and completion is expected as soon as the Summer of 2017

If there is bad news, it’s that navigating a full-sized motorhome with a car in tow through the mountain roads can be a challenge. If you’re arriving from the South, there’s 17 miles of single-lane twisty turns of mountain passes that require patience and slow speed to safely maneuver. From the North the road gets tight the last seven miles of the trip. If you’re visiting, take the time to visit the directions section of the Mountain Falls website and give the the posted turn-by-turn instructions a priority over a GPS. Simply stated, portions of the drive can be classified as stressful and caution is required. I’ll point out that construction is underway to straighten many of the tight switchbacks of the the Northern section of Highway 64 and completion is expected as soon as the Summer of 2017.


I have no hesitancy of giving this resort a 4.5 star review, which is my highest rating to date.

As stated, Mountain Falls truly deserves having the word Luxury in its name. While I have other upscale resorts on the itinerary over the coming months, to date this is the best I’ve experienced and the Management seems to strive to deliver a positive lifestyle. However, there’s four areas that I feel are in need of improvement:

  1. While this is a gated, secure property, it seems the entry codes and visitor entry is not monitored to the level I would expect for a property of this magnitude. For example, I have friends who live in the area and when they visited and were given the gate code, they were told it didn’t expire and could come and go as they please. This seems to be counter-productive, but is something that is easily remedied.
  2. While the security staff could not be friendlier, when escorting a guest to their spot, I’m to understand they are not authorized to provide any assistance to the driver in pulling/backing into a spot. I’m to understand this is for liability purposes and I’ll kindly disagree with this method. It seems that having an extra set of eyes when maneuvering a Class A motorhome into the designated space is a positive measure in reducing coach or property damage. After all, having an escort assist with moving in or out of a spot seems to be a standard procedure in most motorhome parks.
  3. On the resort website, turn-by-turn directions TO the resort are available. However, considering that when exiting the property it could be easy to take an incorrect turn, it would be nice if they added a section that has directions FROM the resort to the interstate highways. A very easy fix.
  4. As discussed in the story and in the video (below), getting there requires driving through some very tight mountain roadways. While construction is underway, when it’s completed, surely it will make the drive more pleasurable.

I have no hesitancy of giving this resort a 4.5 star review, which is my highest rating to date.


  • Executive 9-Hole, Par 3 Golf Course
  • Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Bocce Ball
  • Fitness Facility
  • Two Pools, Spa and Bath Houses
  • Private Clubhouse Lodge with Catering Kitchen
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Onsite Concierge
  • Organized Activities
  • Hospitality Services
  • Scheduled Seasonal Social Events

And, priceless, breathtaking views.


  • Check in time is 1:00pm and check out is requested before 11am.
  • The all inclusive price means no additional fees for use of the golf course, tennis, pickle ball or any amenities.
  • A no tee-time policy allows walk-ons. Children 16 or younger must play the course with an adult.
  • Golf cart rentals are available for a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Due to the mountain terrain, carts recommended for the golf course.
  • Pool Hours: 7:30am – 9:30pm. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Trash is collected curbside between 8:30am –  9:30am weekdays and 7:00pm – 8pm on weekends. No trash may be placed outside at any other times.
  • This resort is restricted to owners of Class A motorhomes.
  • No motorhome age restrictions.
  • This is a Dog-friendly resort and pets are welcomed on streets and golf cart paths. Pets outside the coach bust be leashed or in a kennel. Kennels must be placed on the concrete pad and not left unattended. Pet waste stations are locations throughout the resort.
  • Rentals are available to guests from November 1st through April 30th, but lot owners are welcomed anytime.
  • Sign restrictions are in place.
  • No minimum stay requirements.
  • WiFi (unsecured) is available through much of the resort.
  • Digital Cable TV Included.

Rates and Pricing
(As of July 2017)

Approximately $85 – $135 per night. Available from April 1st through November 30th.

Lot Purchases:
Approximately $100,000 to $250,000. Improvements are in addition to this price. All lots in the Valley area have been sold by the developer, but resales are available. A few new Ridge lots are available at approximately $250,000 and resales are available as well. Owners are welcomed to visit the resort year ’round.

NOTE: No consideration was provided for this review.

Will I Return?


For More Information

Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort
20 Resorts Blvd.
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina 28747
Reservations: 828-966-9350
Sales: 704-975-4586

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