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Life With An Apple Watch – Part 2

In case you missed my initial report on my new Apple Watch, here’s the link: Apple Watch Initial Quirk

I’ll say upfront, I like my Apple Watch and I’m glad I purchased it. The way Apple has incorporated various features is remarkable. While I’ve only had limited experience using it at locations that accept Apple Pay, so far it has not failed in getting a smile from a Barista when extending my wrist to display the bar code to pay for a crafted beverage at Starbucks.
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The GPS is also unique in that you can simply hold the crown and say something like, “Get directions to….” and within a few seconds the destination appears and you’re on your way. At any time (safely of course) you can glance at your wrist and see the distance to the next turn and an arrow displaying which direction you’ll turn next. But, what makes it unique is that through a series of taps, it lets you know, in advance of your turn, which way you’ll be going. A few taps in one sequence for left and a different sequence for right. Live Pavlog’s Dogs, I’m sure that at some time I’ll be conditioned where I will know what those taps signify without looking at my wrist.

There is one negative and this is something that I’ll simply have to get used to:

On more than one occasion, I’ve forgotten to rest it on it’s dedicated charger prior to going to bed. While I’ve had no issue having the battery last a full day, having it last two days is not something I’ve yet to successfully experience. While I haven’t timed it yet, it appears to gain a full charge in around an hour, so getting it back to a full charge state is not that difficult.

But, having to charge a watch is new to all of us. Yes, before the days of battery powered time pieces, I grew up with watches and alarm clocks that needed to be wound and winding before bed was simply part of a nightly routine. I’ll need to get used to this. I’m not sure I’ll get used to the fact the Apple Watch requires a dedicated charger and that’s just one more cable I’ll need to carry around with me.

I have picked up a new habit and I’ve added an automatic (non-battery/self-winding) watch to my luggage so that when I forget to charge the Apple Watch, at least I’ll have a functioning time piece to wear on my wrist. Yeah, I could look at my phone to tell the time, but I’m old school and I like wearing a watch.

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