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CH. 16-VIDEO: Jayco Manager Provides Overview Of Entegra, Part 1

Allow me to say upfront, when a representative of a large corporation agrees to go on camera with me, they need to be prepared for whatever line of questions that may come up during the interview.

That’s because my interview style is far from typical and is best compared to a somewhat nonstop, on-camera conversation-fest. More times than not, my interviews can stray off the beaten path and take on a life of its own. While some consider my methods to be a bit unorthodox (and I’ll be the first to agree), others have called my interview style more akin to a high energy version of a casual conversation with Charlie Rose than it is to a scripted Q & A sit-down with Katie Couric. Add a bit of Andy Rooney’s “call ’em as he sees ’em” curmudgeonry and you have the recipe for a Gadget Guru interview experience.

Chuck Lasley Entegra Cornerstone CoachIf you don’t believe me just ask Chuck Lasley, Vice President of Sales of the Jayco Motorhome Group as he’s a brave man and has now has the designation of being the latest subject for my series surrounding the motorhome industry. Not attempting to speak for Chuck, I think he’ll tell be the first to tell you that surviving my rapid-fire and constantly changing topics of discussion is not as easy as he makes it appear. That’s because Chuck is truly an expert in the recreational vehicle field and he allowed me to address topics that some motorhome industry executives may consider uncomfortable, and did so with the ease of a skilled professional.

Let’s face it, there’s plenty of active conversations relating to motorhomes found on a variety of online forums these days, but it seems that most of the posts are geared towards those who already know what they are talking about and there’s few, if any places, for newbies to go to ask questions that may seem basic to seasoned motorhome owners.

Let’s face it, there’s plenty of active conversations relating to motorhomes found on a variety of online forums these days, but it seems that most of the sites are geared towards those who can empty a black tank blindfolded and there’s few, if any places for newbies to go that explain the sequence of which lever to pull first.

Below you’ll find Part 1 of a two-part video conversation with Chuck Lasley, the Vice President of Sales of the Jayco Motorhome Group. The Entegra Coach line falls within Lasley’s area of responsibility. No topics were considered out of bounds and in both Part 1 and Part 2, issues were discussed regarding quality control and customer service. Part 2 includes a detailed walkthrough of Entegra’s 2017 Cornerstone with the insightful input from the point of view of the management who created this fast growing lineup of value-oriented luxury motorhomes.

Entegra - Office

In this conversation, the following topics are discussed:

  • Jayco’s 50th Anniversary and 1,000,000th RV
  • Entegra’s Evolution Over The Past Eight Years
  • Quality Control and Punch Lists
  • Customer Support
  • Entegra’s Non Rushed Factory Tour
  • Steerable Tag Axle vs. Passive Steer Axle
  • Entegra’s Cab Forward Design and En-Teligent Features

Later in the video, I provide a quick walk-through of a 2017 Entegra Cornerstone with the slides-in. Also, as a method to gain some input, I put together a quick poll. Fee free to cast your vote!

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Here’s The Video:

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I’d like to thank Kelsey, the Marketing/Public Relations Manager of Entegra Coach for accepting my request, allowing me the freedom to roll my cameras throughout the various Entegra facilities, and for providing this newbie the opportunity to see first hand what separates Entegra from the pack.

Finally, allow me to be clear that I do not charge any fees whatsoever to produce content, nor do I ask for any promotional support or expense reimbursement whatsoever. Believe it or not, some have considered this method to be strange in this day and age. During the interview, no ground rules were in effect and as you’ll see in this two-part series, no question was considered out of bounds.

In this ongoing series surrounding the motorhome industry, my goal is simply to ask questions of reliable sources and do so from the perspective of someone who is new to the world of motorhomes and is considering a first purchase. Part 2 can be found by clicking here.

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