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This Is A Test: Can You Help Me Test This New Commenting Feature?

When I first put on my Gadget Guru hat more than 30 years ago, things were quite different. Back then my print pieces were limited to a character count and if my TV appearances went over the allotted time, it was likely I would be cutoff mid-sentence and a commercial break would appear on screen.

While the internet has touched just about everything in our lives, it’s had a dramatic effect on the way content creators, such as myself, deliver news, opinions and reviews to a specific audience.

While Facebook is the current go-to network for instant opinions, those of us who still operate websites can spend countless hours managing comments that appear on our multiple forms of online media.

In my opinion, one of the biggest changes in content creation was the advent of online commenting systems. Whether it’s a website, a forum or even an online newspaper, instead of taking the time to write a Letter to the Editor, placing it in the mail with the hope it reaches the author, these days readers and viewers have the ability to post a comment that instantly appears online for all to see. While it’s easy for users to post comments, it can be time consuming to respond as stories often appear on various forms of online media.

So, I’m asking your assistance in helping me learn if it’s working properly.

Simply stated, I’ve been seeking a more efficient method of managing comments, especially the ones that relate to a story on my website that also appears on my Gadget Guru Facebook page and I think I may have found it. So, I’m asking your assistance in helping me learn if it’s working properly.

Starting with this story, when someone makes a comment on the associated Facebook post, it should automatically appear in the comments on the designated website page. So, I’ll ask a favor…

Can you take a moment and go to my Gadget Guru Facebook page, navigate to this story and post a comment? If everything is working as promised, your comment will also appear in the comments section below.

In advance, I’ll thank you for your time in allowing me to test this feature. Here’s a link: The Gadget Guru on Facebook

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