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CES 2016: What’s Up With The DJI OSMO?

As regular viewers and subscribers to this YouTube channel already know, DJI’s OSMO was a product that I truly wanted to like. However, after many weeks of testing the OSMO in various environments, the first generation of this innovative handheld stabilizer failed to live up to expectations.

There’s were audio and video problems and issues with various features on this first generation product that ended with my recommendation of telling prospective purchasers to wait a while to see how DJI addresses the issues and if they can fix the issues I found to be problematic during my review.

So, let’s fast forward a few months and now it’s CES time. I visited DJI’s booth and per the recommendation of its PR representative, I spoke to Francisco Torro to fill us in on what’s new with the OSMO.

In case you missed my initial review, here’s the video:

With all that said, while I was disappointed by DJI’s first attempt with its OSMO, I am a firm believer the handheld stabilizer will evolve into a notable platform as it has the capability to deliver amazing video footage. Here’s some sample video I captured on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas with an OSMO:



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