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Yuneec ActionCam: Is This SteadyGrip 2?

At first glance, Yuneec’s new Typhoon ActionCam handheld stabilizer looks familiar. That’s because it looks nearly identical to its SteadyGrip predecessor. Other than a two-tone color scheme, it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart…unless you look closer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.25.24 PM

I like to call Yuneec’s SteadyGrip the Rodney Dangerfield of handheld stabilizers. That’s because it gets no respect. I say that as many people who already own a SteadyGrip have never used it and it remains in the bottom of the shipping carton in which it arrived.

Huh? Why would someone buy a handheld stabilizer and never use it?

Probably because it’s included, basically for free, with various Yuneec Typhoon quad copters. I say free as Yuneec provides an all-in-one air and ground solution quad copter system. By all-in-one I mean that it includes the copter, remote controller, two batteries, two sets of propellors, home and car charger and even a set of tweezers as well as it’s SteadyGrip for around $1,400. That price is comparable to other base quad copter kits. Okay, I just went back and re-read that paragraph and I realize it sounds like a commercial for Yuneec…but it’s not, it’s factual.

Simply stated, the SteadyGrip accepts the copter’s Q500 4K camera and allows you to capture video or still images in locations that may not be appropriate for a quad copter with spinning blades. Whether it’s capturing video strolling down a narrow hallway, or while hanging out of a passenger car window it has proven to be a nice solution to adding B-roll video to a production.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.21.54 PM

Yuneec’s new ActionCam is basically an upgraded SteadyGrip that is packaged with everything you need to for handheld stabilized video. It includes the pistol grip-style stabilizer, the CGO3 4K camera, rechargeable battery, charger and carrying case. The previous model utilized 8-AA batteries and the addition of a rechargeable battery that delivers three hours of operating time after a one-hour charge is a very nice improvement.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.18.44 PM

The other upgrade is that the thin wire connector has been replaced by an incorporated connector that simplifies the camera’s connection and removal from the handheld unit.

While I haven’t had a chance to put this model through it’s paces, I ordered an ActionCam and you can bet that after my less than flattering OSMO review, I’ll look forward to putting the ActionCam to the test.

The ActionCam is due in stores any moment now and will retail for $550. Or, as Yuneec likes to say, $549.99 (you need to watch the video to get that joke!).

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