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300 Channels And Nothing To Watch – There’s A Watch App For That!

Yes, you’re seeing a quite a few posts on regarding the Apple Watch. That’s because I’m wearing one and when I find an App I deem useful, I’ll post my findings in the Andy’s Opinions section on this site.

Considering the small size of the Apple Watch screen, the real estate used by Apps is seemingly much more valuable on a watch screen than it is on other device displays, it’s nice to know which ones may be noteworthy and deserve a spot on the watch’s home screen. One I’ve added to my watch is a minimum-frills app from TV Guide that basically displays a list of shows that are “Trending Tonight.”

It’s a simple concept as it basically displays a list of shows that it predicts will be popular with viewers and provides a brief description. It also allows you to set an alert that will remind you to tune in.

Sometimes less is more and this one hits the mark by following that rule.

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