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The Day The Safety Catch Leash Saved Lucy

When a Friend asks for a review of a product, it can be a difficult situation.

What happens it the product is lackluster? Do you tell your Friend the truth and deflate the dreams of future success? Suppose the Friend is one of those people who would do just about anything for you, because she’s just one of those types of Friends? So, what do you in this situation?

I’ve been there and done that and have had to deliver bad news in the past. In the old days of writing a newspaper column and hosting a regular TV segment I could always say that I produce my content in themes and the product they are pitching just doesn’t fit into a story I was working on. I’ve had to tell others in the past that I just didn’t have the space to run the story. In this day and age of blogs, the space and theme excuses no longer work. In the South we used to say, “That Dog just doesn’t hunt.”

So when my Friend Angela told me she had invented a new innovative Dog leash and knowing she’s a first time inventor, I was already thinking of excuses even before I saw it. I didn’t expect what was about to happen when I received a “hands on” (pun intended) demonstration of my friend Angela’s Safety Catch Leash. .

I liked it. I really liked it.

Safety Catch Leash

It was a concept that was so simple and affordable, I was truly surprised that no one else had thought of this before. Here’s the video overview I did with Angela and afterwards, I’ll tell you of a first hand situation that happened with me and Lucy…

As you can see, the Safety Catch Leash is basically an elastic strap that’s securely sewn into hand loop. It allows a secondary, and more secure method of attaching the leash to your wrist. Now, let’s fast forward a year…

Sadly, Sally, the Sheltie in the video had passed away. She was a great Friend and companion and I will always miss her. After six months of not having Dog in my house, through an interesting chain of events (that’s another story), I met Lucy and brought her home at five months of age. She immediately won my heart and is as sweet as she looks. But, she’s a Sheltie and, especially as a puppy, you could see the skittish characteristics. Simply stated, she would spook easily and it took a while for her to gain confidence.


I would slowly try new things with her, such as short rides in the car (she would get car sick) or a brief visit to Starbucks. While I would carry her through the parking lot (as I will still leash training her), when we arrived at the sidewalk, I would allow her to walk on the leash. As we were walking towards Starbucks, a car sound startled her and she attempted to bolt. It was sudden and even though she was barely ten pounds, the suddenness of her movements jerked the leash out of my hand. Honestly, I never imagined this would happen and always felt I could hold onto the leash in this type of situation and it startled me when she bolted so quickly and without warning.

That day, for whatever reason,l I was using the Safety Catch Leash and had the elastic portion secured to my wrist. When Lucy bolted towards the parking lot, the loop jerked out of my grip. Angela’s leash secured Lucy to me and I shudder when I think what could have happened.

When I returned home, I contacted Angela and told her about what happened and yes, she said, “I told you so!”

She was right and I purchased a box of them and you can guess what I gave away for holiday gifts to Dog owning Friends that year.

This is one of those rare cases of reviewing a first-timers new invention and giving it very high marks.

Thanks to my Friendship with Angela, Lucy is laying on the sofa taking a nap while I write this blog post.

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