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Escape The Humidity Road Trip – Part-4 – Final Leg To Petoskey, Michigan – Using RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard Review Update

In my opinion, taking a road trip in a large motorhome requires planning. While I envy those who can simply jump in the driver’s seat of the RV, start driving in the general direction of a destination and find overnight spots when they get tired, I’m one who prefers planning my route in advance and having reservations at campgrounds that can accommodate my bus.

While my Prevost has batteries, an inverter and a generator on board that work together to provide power for as long as the tank has fuel, it’s nice to know there’s full hookup campgrounds on my route that allow for the waste tanks to be dumped and for the fresh water tanks to be refilled. This way, there’s no scrimping or rationing of water usage and I can use the bus with few if any restrictions.

But planning overnight stops is not as simple as it seems and while there’s no shortage of books, apps and websites that can provide assistance, finding and booking suitable overnight accommodations while on a trip can be a stressful chore. This especially holds true during vacation break periods and over weekends in areas that are experiencing pleasant weather.

This is why I spent so much time reviewing the RV Trip Wizard as it incorporates quite a few useful features and while it did simplify the planning process, I wanted to put it through the paces to see if it generated accurate results. In the next segment of this series, Siren and myself will provide our final review and let you know if it’s worth the $39 annual subscription fee.

Day 4 – Driving From Perrysburg, OH to Petoskey, Michigan

We start our final leg of The Gadget Guru’s Escape the Humidity Road Trip with a pucker moment I had while navigating a construction zone near Findley, Ohio en route to Perrysburg, OH where we overnighted at a KOA campground. In reality, while it wasn’t just an individual pucker moment, it was a stressful few miles that had us threading needles between concrete barriers and orange barrels through a very long construction zone.

Also highlighted in this video we’ll provide our impressions of the KOA campground in Perrysburg, OH, compare them to the reviews found through the RV Trip Wizard program and take you along as we drive to our destination at the Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort Petoskey, Michigan.

And, we’ll answer the big question…Did we escape the humidity?

In the next episode of this series you’ll get to know what Siren does when she’s not on the bus and then we’ll provide our review of the RV Trip Wizard and let you know if this is a service that is worth the $39 per year subscription fee. If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to click this link to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 

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Here’s Part 4, The Final Leg Of The Gadget Guru’s Escape The Humidity Road Trip Video Series

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