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Escape The Humidity Prevost Road Trip – RV Trip Wizard Review – Part 3

Part 3 of the Gadget Guru’s Escape The Humidity Road Trip contains two overnight stops on our adventure: A KOA campground in Sweetwater, TN and a State Park in Boonsborough, KY,

In This Video

As with other legs in this series, we start each video looking back at the previous day’s events. Siren provides her impressions of navigating through Atlanta and after squeezing through the spaghetti bowl of mergers and short notice lane closures, we learn our planned rest area is closed for construction. This added quite a bit of time between our stops and had our first stop of the day moved to the Tennessee Welcome Center. While she had surveyed this stop using Google Maps, we were both disappointed this rest area was far from being RV friendly…the video will show you why.

Sweetwater, Tennessee KOA

We also look back at the previous evening and provide an overview of the Sweetwater KOA. While the video will show you our entry path and our pull-through parking space, I’ll go ahead and say this place was as pleasant as an overnight stay can be. The ingress was a bit tight for a big rig of our height and there was a single low branch that made us proceed with caution. While the site is billed as big rig friendly and we were informed of a blind turn near the entry and to use the convex mirror mounted on the side of the road to check for oncoming vehicles, the abundance of trees made our exit a bit tight to navigate. But by proceeding slowly, we safely threaded those needles. With that said, the folks at the campground office couldn’t have been more helpful and guided us directly to our spot. At check in, the clerk handed me two pieces of candy and stated it’s for the pillow of the bed!

As you can see in the photo below, the canopy of trees provided much needed shade on a hot Summer day that had a positive effect in assisting keeping the bus cool. While the canopy prohibited the DirecTV from obtaining a satellite signal, the over the air TV  signals allowed for ample local TV service.

The Sweetwater KOA was impeccably maintained and if I was in a slightly smaller motorhome, I would have no hesitancy in recommending it for an overnight or longer stay.

Fort Boonsborough State Park, Richmond, Kentucky

The next morning we departed Sweetwater for a relaxing, 200 mile drive to Richmond, KY. In the video you’ll see our arrival and exit, in and out of the Fort Boonsborough State Park. As with most State Parks, the road leading into our back-in space was a bit tight, but we had no issue fitting into our spot. Yes, the Prevost handles much better than what you may think!

Our space had 50 amp power, but the water hookup was located beyond the reach of a typical RV hose. While the office offered to loan an extension hose, since we arrived with a full tank of water, we decided to skip that hookup and only use the Park’s power connection. A dump site is offered on the main road, but hooking up would have blocked the road. Because we travel with a full water and empty waste tanks, we decided to wait until our next stop which promised full hookups. I’ll add that the drive from East Tennessee to Southern Kentucky was as pleasant as a drive can be. The traffic was low and the roads were smooth. The scenery driving through the hills was beautiful and had the type of smooth and wide roadway that makes traveling by bus a pleasure.

En route to our next stop we drove by a Trucker’s Haven. I must admit that I’ve never seen one before and while we didn’t stop, we both thought it’s a great idea. Basically it’s combination weigh station and rest area. Considering that every other weigh station I’ve passed seems to be designed only for commercial trucks this one had a large parking lot/rest area with pull-thru spaces that could accommodate the largest RV. Sadly, the RV Trip Wizard trip planning program neglected to show this one on the map.

As a note, as part of our routine planning process, we schedule a fuel stop at the closest truck stop to our destination. Because our typical driving day has us using less than half a tank of diesel and because the Prevost can go more than 1,000 miles per tank, by stopping at the end of our travel day, this eliminates the stress of seeing the low fuel light illuminate on the dash when we start the next leg. Yes, one less thing to worry about!

We close out this video en route to a KOA in Perrysburg, Ohio. I don’t have great expectations for this campground as the reviews were lukewarm for big rig RV’s. Stay tuned as we’ll tell you how that went in our next installment.

Here’s Part 3 Of The Gadget Guru’s Escape The Humidity Road Trip Video Series

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