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A Look Back The Gadget Guru’s 1990 Holiday Buying Guide

So, just what were the hot holiday gifts of 1990?

From The Gadget Guru’s Video Vault, here’s a video of my first of nearly 500 appearances on NBC’s Today Show. This segment appeared live in December of 1990 and along with Deborah Norville we demonstrate what was then, some innovative new consumer electronic products.

Remember Neo Geo, a new video format that was a higher tech version of the current offerings from Nintendo and Sega? How about the Phone Mate Adam (all digital answering machine)? Would Cobra’s new Intenna cordless telephone signal the end of the external telescoping antenna? Would the VCR Plus device actually simplify the programming of our favorite TV shows? How about a device that attaches between a tripod and camcorder to keep the subject In The Picture?

Surely this nostalgic trip back in time with Andy Pargh, The Gadget Guru will jog a few fun memories!

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