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Launching A Cutting Edge Website In 1997

Looking through The Gadget Guru online text archives, I found this story from March 11, 1997 and it brought back some memories of the online space nearly 20 years ago. This story related to a new generation of the GadgetGuru.com website and while it was satirical in tone, it captured the... Read More

Gadget Guru Pilot TV Show #1

In 1998, NBC Affilate WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tennessee gave me the opportunity to produce and host my own TV show. These test series aired on subsequent Sunday nights at 10:30pm Central time, just after the late local news. Here’s the promo for the series: Below you’ll find the full episode of the... Read More

My Top 5 Most Useful Apple Watch Tasks

The Apple Watch is different from other wrist watches and it’s best described as an extension of an iPhone. If nothing else, just being a remote viewer of iPhone generated activity is a remarkable feat. When you add that it keeps you from reaching into your pocket or purse countless times per... Read More

Life With An Apple Watch – Part 2

In case you missed my initial report on my new Apple Watch, here’s the link: Apple Watch Initial Quirk I’ll say upfront, I like my Apple Watch and I’m glad I purchased it. The way Apple has incorporated various features is remarkable. While I’ve only had limited experience using it at... Read More

Life With An Apple Watch – #1

Allow me to state upfront, yes, I like my Apple Watch. I’m glad I purchased it and I’ll have no hesitancy recommending this product to others. However, the Apple Watch is not for everyone as it’s a personal item and it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of product. It brings some... Read More

The Day The Safety Catch Leash Saved Lucy

When a Friend asks for a review of a product, it can be a difficult situation. What happens it the product is lackluster? Do you tell your Friend the truth and deflate the dreams of future success? Suppose the Friend is one of those people who would do just about... Read More



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