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2012 Aston Martin Meets A Drone

Either I’m a skilled drone pilot, or a little nuts, or quite possibly a little bit of both! After all, how many people would risk damaging the fine paint job and smooth lines of an Aston Martin with the rapidly spinning sharp blades of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision +?... Read More

Yuneec Typhoon G Altitude And Video Quality Tests

As we’ve read on various thread, the Yuneec Typhoon is not able to lift of when its at an altitude of greater than 8,000 feet. Well, I’ve read different opinions on this. In fact, a Yuneec Factory Representative told me that a Typhoon copter could lift off at altitudes greater... Read More

Sharp Zaurus Rocks CES!

It’s difficult to believe that Sharp was a major player in the personal organizer business. Heck, I can’t remember seeing Sharp’s name on anything than microwave ovens in recent years. But, this Japanese company used to own our pockets. Whether it was its Thin Man line of calculators or a... Read More

In 1997, I Broke The Story Of The iPhone…Really!

The headline is not intended to be misleading as it’s a true story. On January 8, 1997 I published a story on GadgetGuru.com and MSNBC.com regarding new products being introduced at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. One of the stories I published was announcing an innovative new... Read More

Launching A Cutting Edge Website In 1997

Looking through The Gadget Guru online text archives, I found this story from March 11, 1997 and it brought back some memories of the online space nearly 20 years ago. This story related to a new generation of the GadgetGuru.com website and while it was satirical in tone, it captured the... Read More



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