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Meet Jamie Bradford And See What It Takes To Organize The Prevost Motorhome Expo

First and foremost, allow me to apologize to Jamie Bradford.

Throughout my coverage of the recent Prevost Motorhome Expo, I’ve been calling his show the “Prevost Expo.” Since Prevost is the manufacturer of various forms of over the road vehicles and since this show focuses on Prevost shells that have been converted and transformed into luxury motorhomes, I feel remiss in that I should have called the show by is proper name, “The Prevost Motorhome Expo.”

There’s also the fact that Jamie is a larger than life character who lives not too far from me. The last thing I want to do is to get on his bad side and hear a loud banging on my door! But, truth be told, Jamie is a gentle giant and as evidenced by his skills in putting together The Prevost Motorhome Expo and keeping at the top of the heap for online listings of Prevost motorhomes, he’s quite an organized individual.

In this video you’ll meet Jamie and hear a bit about his operations and what it takes to put together the massive Prevost Motorhome Expo.

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