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Could MicroClimate’s Air Helmet Be The Safest COVID-19 Mask On The Planet?

Of the thousands of products I’ve reviewed over my lifetime, I can honestly say this is the most unusual and possibly the most useful product I’ve ever used

Allow me to say upfront, MicroClimate’s Air helmet costs $300 and considering that’s quite a bit more than a typical mask, it is designed to offer a much higher level of protection than a cloth mask.

When images of the prototype of this product appeared on my Facebook feed, my initial thought was…If Elon Musk designed a protective mask, this is what it would look like. In this case, it’s not Tesla founder Musk who came up with the design for the Air, it was Michael Hall, the CEO of MicroClimate. In this video, you’ll meet Hall and he’ll explain the concept behind this product and tell us how it works.

Like many other products, the Air did not start off the development cycle as a COVID protection product, it began as product for snow skiers that could provide ventilation and comfort without fogging. As COVID-19 became a reality, Hall pivoted the Air, made modifications and the result is what could possibly the the safest COVID protection mask on the planet. Outside of its astronaut look, what makes this unit unique is that unlike a cloth mask, it’s designed to protect both the user and others from the spread of germs. Also, due to the dome-shaped cover, it keeps users from touching their face…advice that along with washing our hands was high up on the list of CDC recommendations. It incorporates rechargeable battery fans and four HEPA-11 filters for both inhaled and exhaled air. The fans not only help the air circulation under the dome, it assists in keeping the shield fog free.

MicroClimate’s air sells for $300 at

Here’s The Video


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