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Hands On With The DJI OSMO Handheld Stabilizer – Lots of Video!

I think I picked the perfect location to test DJI’s new OSMO handheld stabilizer…

A Cruise Ship!

And, not just any cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas jumbo cruise ship!

The reason this provides the perfect location is there’s so many venues I can use to put the OSMO through the paces. Of course I have the outdoor pool and deck areas and great views of the ocean and islands, there’s indoor areas that all have various lighting conditions and some interesting backgrounds. Of course, while there’s elevators to ride all the way up to the 17th floor, there’s also a lot of stairs that provide an interesting challenge for any handheld stabilizer. As you can see, the elevators are quite interesting!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 5.56.12 PM

While there were more tests I wanted to do with the OSMO, (or is it just “OSMO?”), that had to do with the audio and microphone, the loaner unit I received for evaluation is considered to be preproduction and there were some out-of-the-box issues, that out of fairness, I chose not to allow to jade my opinion as, after all, the one in my hands is not a final production model.

Prior to departing on this cruise, I posted an unboxing video that can be found here: DJI OSMO Unboxing Video. As stated in that video, I’m not a big fan of unboxing videos for purposes other than to confirm the accessories that are included with a specific product. So, I attempted to make it as entertaining as possible.

It’s my understanding that the final production OSMO units have just left China and are en route to select dealers and consumers who took a leap of faith and placed an order in advance. It retails for $650 and includes a protective carrying case, battery, charger, wrist and shoulder strap.

So, with all that said, here’s video of my first few days with (the) OSMO!

In case you missed it and want to see what’s included with the OSMO, Click Here to view the unboxing video. 


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