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Prevost For Newbies Part 6: What You Need To Know About DEF

If you own a newer diesel powered motorhome, there’s a good chance it requires Diesel Exhaust Fluid, aka DEF. But what is DEF and what’s the rule of thumb on how to use it? What do you look for when purchasing DEF? What’s the shelf life on DEF and what considerations should be made for storage? What preparations should you make prior to pouring DEF into your motorhome? Yes, those questions and more are addressed in the video located below.

While some motorhomes have DEF filler necks on both sides of the coach that allow us to fill at most truck stops, some of us are not that fortunate and have the filler only on one side.

In the case of my 2014 Prevost X3, the DEF filler door is on the passenger side of the coach. Considering that when pulling into most truck stops, while the diesel pumps can be located on both sides of entry, the DEF pump is located only on the driver’s side of the coach. This means that to top off the tank, you’ll need to use containers to fill the DEF tank.

I’m to understand that some users carry empty tanks and simply fill them at the pump and then transfer the DEF to the motorhome. As I learned when producing this video, that may not be a good idea and could result in a costly repair.

In this video, you’ll meet Robert Hitt, the Service Training Manager of Prevost and as you guessed, the topic of conversation is DEF. Whether you own a Prevost or any motorhome that requires DEF, Hitt provides some useful tips and tricks that surely will apply to your motorhome.

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