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Is The 2020 Corvette C8 Sold Out? Here’s An Update

Few if any cars have received the fanfare of Chevrolet’s 2020 Corvette C8. While there were leaks and renderings appearing on various automotive enthusiast websites, with some of them being amazing accurate, Chevrolet almost broke the internet when it was announced the eighth generation Corvette would start in price at... Read More

Video: Check Out This $700,000 Luxury Motorcoach Bungalow!

If you remember the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous TV show, then Robin Leach’s signature tag line of champagne wishes and caviar dreams may be appropriate for this $700,000 luxury motorhome bungalow and the ultimate in glamping resorts. Located at the Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort in Petoskey, Michigan, this... Read More



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