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Andy Goes Hands On With The Yuneec Tornado H920

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Those who follow my reviews and adventures already know that just a couple of months ago I spent a day at Yuneec’s USA Headquarters in Ontario, California. While I met many of the folks who keep Yuneec up and running, my host for the day was Raymon Robinson. At that time, Robinson was new to Yuneec and had recently accepted the position of Product Manager and his responsibility is over Yuneec’s Aerial Consumer Products.

I made the most of my time and produced six videos on various Yuneec Products. All of them can be found on this site as well on my YouTube page and on

Here’s the links to the other videos I created during my Day At Yuneec:

Part 1: Meet Raymon Robinson as we discuss various topics related to current and future products:

Part 2: Yuneec ActionCam, or more accurately, SteadyGrip 2.0:

Part 3: Yuneec ProAction handheld stabilizer for the Panasonic Lumix GH4 or Yuneec’s CG04 micro 4/3 camera.

Note: I purchased a ProAction and my goal was to give it a full hands-on review (let’s call this one, Part 3a) using my personal Panasonic Lumix GH4. However, there was a glitch as while I was fully aware the ProAction was an accessory to the Tornado that basically includes the GH4 gimbal, it was an ideal product for photographers as it’s an all-in-one-solution for using a GH4 as a handheld stabilizer. Personally, I was looking forward to putting the ProAction through its paces and even recorded the unboxing. However, there was a problem with this model and that’s simply this package did not include the battery charger. Personally, I think this was an oversight, but I gave Yuneec ample time to provide a solution and sadly, no solution was provided. So, I packed up the ProAction, sent it back to Yuneec and am awaiting my refund. Here’s the video of the ProAction unboxing where I discovered the missing battery charger:

Part 4: Robinson gives The Gadget Guru an overview of Yuneec’s Typhoon H920.

Part 5: (This One!) In this two part segment, Robinson provides an overview of the Tornado H920 and of course I ask a lot of questions! In Part 1, he takes the controls while watch (and ask questions) and in Part 2, I take the controls.

Here’s Part 1 of this video:

Here’s Part 2 where I go hands-on:

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