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Here’s 16 Videos From The 2023 Prevost Expo – Captured With Insta360 Cameras

Due to the pandemic and being one who avoided crowds, I took a two year leave of absence from the Prevost Expo. To me this was sad as after attending just about every major trade show in the USA during my career, the Prevost Expo has become my favorite show.

While I currently don’t own a motorhome and am not sure if at my age I’ll jump back into a new coach, I enjoy checking out the various coaches and speaking with the converters, enthusiasts and owners. A few weeks prior to the show, I contacted the organizer and asked if I could attend and try out some 360 cameras to see how they fared when navigating the aisles and touring the coaches. I can say that both the Insta360 X3 and One RS 1-inch models performed fairly well. While the quality is not as advanced as a dedicated DSLR, it was a personal challenge to see if I could capture the essence of the show with a single camera and if a 360 camera would work when hosting interviews.

When most people think of a 360 camera, still images that can be manipulated in all directions most likely comes to mind. However, video captured in a 360-degree space allows for infinite options in post production…so I thought I would give it a try.

While there’s some things I would do differently if given the same opportunity next year as not all of the videos performed to the quality I had hoped due to user error, I have to say that for a single camera, it’s nice to know that they can work in this environment. The major challenge ended up being capturing clear audio. When I swapped cameras, I alternated between the RODE WIreless GO II and the DJI Mic. In this scenario, maybe because the RODE model was older, the DJI Mic was, in my opinion, the winner and required little if any post production.

With that said, here’s all 16 videos and I’ll list them in the order I captured them. Some are less than 60 second YouTube Shorts edited in portrait (vertical) mode while others were a bit longer and produced in landscape (horizontal) mode. The good news about 360 cameras is that you don’t have to decide which aspect ratio you’ll use for the final production until you’re editing the footage. This truly provides options never before found in capturing video.

Pre Opening Teaser (Short)


Show Organizer Welcome (Short)


Pre Show Preparations (Short)


$1.8M Featherlite Luxury Coach


$1.5M Liberty Coach with Gil Johnson of Olympia Luxury Coach


The “Missing Fingers” Effect of a 360 Camera and Selfie Stick (Short)


Update on the Luxury Motorhome Industry with Steve Zeigler of Prevost


Donny Meyers Luxury Coach Renovation (Short)


Prevost’s New E-Mirror System with Robert Hitt of Prevost (Short)


New Redesigned 2024 Prevost H3-45 Shell and Enhanced Safety Features


New Paint Scheme on a 2024 Featherlite with Jimmy Adams (Short)


A Conversation with Austin Hicks of Olympia Luxury Coaches


The Most Expensive Parking Lot in the World? All the Buses! (Short)


Legacy Prevost Coach (Short)


A Conversation with Nelson Figueroa of Millennium Luxury Coaches and a Tour of a $1.8M Motorhome


Closing Thoughts and Thank You’s (Short)








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