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Could AI Be The Solution For Creating Quality Audio? Audo Studio and Adobe Podcast AI Audio Apps May Be The Future

As I’ve often said, video is easy, audio is hard. In this video I’ll show you how to easy it is to use Audo Studio and Adobe Podcast, formerly known as Project Shasta, to repair camera audio that may be somewhat unusable.

As you know, I recently returned from the Prevost Expo and posted 16 videos from the show. This year, I did something different. Instead of lugging my DSLR cameras, microphones and tripods, I thought I would try capturing video of these gorgeous motorhomes using Insta360 cameras. While they had their challenges, they also offered many conveniences. But, even when using wireless microphones, the audio paled in comparision to the sound I could get from the same microphones on a DSJR camera.

One of my Rode WIreless Go II mics was giving me problems. Since audio cannot be monitored on the Insta360 cameras, I didn’t learn about the issues until after I returned to the hotel.

In this video you’ll learn which AI apps I used to attempt to rescue the audio.

While AI for audio is not yet perfect, I can see this technology rapidly evolving.

Insta360 Camera:

DJI Mic:

Sony UHF Wireless Microphone:


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