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2012 Aston Martin Meets A Drone

Either I’m a skilled drone pilot, or a little nuts, or quite possibly a little bit of both! After all, how many people would risk damaging the fine paint job and smooth lines of an Aston Martin with the rapidly spinning sharp blades of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision +? As you can see, at times, the copter did get a bit close to the Aston!

1 - Wide Fender Shot

Since I came from a world where getting the shot was the prime directive, I had to give this one a whirl. So, give this brief video a view and let me know your thoughts on whether I’m skilled or crazy. I’ll add that since Aston Martin is so closely associated with the James Bond franchise, I thought I would pay homage by finding a royalty free soundtrack that would deliver a bit of the Bond feel and add a number of quick cut edits, that in turn, give it a kind of cheesy, vintage James Bond look. So yes, the editing style was intentional and outside of my normal editing techniques.

The moral to this video is that you don’t have to fly at high altitudes to get interesting shots.

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