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2012 Victory Motorcycle Lineup

One Of My Favorite VOG Videos

When I created The VOG motorcycle social network, I made an early decision to allow users to use screen names as opposed to real names. While this can be problematic from a moderator’s point of view as when the keyboard commandos come out in force and post behind screen names, sometimes the anonymity can deliver some harsh comments. Clif02 was not one of those guys as his posts were true to his military background. He was fair and honest with this opinions and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He was truly the calm head when things could get a bit tense in the midst of an online debate.

During a trip to my hometown of Nashville, TN, I took a day to meet Clif02 at JPM Performance Powersports in Hopkinsville, KY. While this dealership was typically closed on Sundays, the owners opened their doors to allow me to come in and take a look around and of course, bring my camera. While we produced a number of video segments that day, there was one that will stand out in my mind of being one of the better VOG videos I created during my VOG tenure.

The Backstory

Just a few weeks earlier, Clif02 was asked by JPM to lead the test rides during a Victory Demo Day. The Victory truck had arrived and the factory demo bikes were used for these test rides. Considering this dealer’s proximity to the Ft. Campbell military base, a motorcycle demo day can be an active event. Clif02’s cool demeanor and experience in leadership made him the perfect person to oversee this event. Over the course of that day, Clif02 had the opportunity to ride every bike in the Victory lineup and took the time to post his opinions of each model on The VOG. Afterwards, I asked Clif02 if he could recreate his opinions on video and he was happy to assist.

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The bikes featured in this video are from Victory’s 2012 lineup and include the Victory Vision, Vegas 8-Ball, Jackpot, Hammer and Hard-Ball. While he also tested the Kingpin, Judge and High-Bal, these models were not available for our video as JPM Performance Powersports had sold them off the floor prior to my arrival.

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The Video

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