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Prevost For Newbies, Part 3: A New Class A Motorhome or a Pre-Owned Prevost?

As part of The Gadget Guru’s ongoing Prevost for Newbies series, this chapter includes a video interview with Steve Zeigler, Prevost’s Director of Business Development. Scroll Down For Video Or Click Here A long form video interview with Steve is posted below and if you want to jump to it, keep scrolling or click here to view it on YouTube. If you want to know the story behind the story of what led to my decision to... Read More

A Conversation With The President Of Spartan Motors Specialty Vehicles

Let’s face it, whether you’re currently a motorhome owner or if you’re in the midst of the selection process, there’s a good chance that you have a long list of questions. But the biggest question of them all is: Where do you go for answers? As I’ve stated in previous posts, shopping for a motorhome is a confusing process. It’s my experience that most salespeople are more than cordial and are well equipped to answer questions regarding financing and do... Read More

It’s Now Time To Choose A Toad…Not A Frog, A Tow Vehicle For The Starliner

Yes, a video of this adventure is located at the end of this post. Those who enjoy the motorhome or RV lifestyle seem to have a language that’s a bit foreign to newcomers. Take towing a car for example. While I’ll simply call it, “towing a vehicle,” those who are more familiar with the specific motorhome-related terms may call the car that rolls on all four wheels behind a RV a toad or a dinghy,... Read More

Will Flat Towing A Mini Cooper Behind A RV Void The Warranty?

Now that I’ve purchased my vintage bus, I’m in the midst of shopping for an appropriate tow dinghy vehicle. I say appropriate as my bus is 59 years old and only 34 feet in length and it simply is not wise to attempt to pull a large SUV as it may place too much stress on the various engine components. So in my search, I set out to find an appropriate vehicle that weighed in... Read More

Parliament Prevost Converter Building Coach With 48 Hour Lithium Power

While the name Parliament doesn’t often come into conversation when discussing Prevost conversions, I’ll tell you upfront that if you’re considering a new or pre-owned million dollar RV, this company is worth a strong look. What are you saying Mr. Guru? Have you lost your mind? A NEW motorhome? Parliament hasn’t manufactured a new coach in more than seven years! Quite possibly I have lost my mind but that’s another subject. However, after spending two... Read More
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