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EyeQue VisionCheck Delivers Vision Checks To The Home – A Timely Product In A COVID-19 World

Regular viewers may notice, I’m wearing new glasses. While that’s not what anyone would consider to be breaking news, the method in which I obtained the numbers necessary to order eyeglasses online, was a bit unique if not noteworthy.

While I’m a stickler about visiting my Ophthalmologist for regular eye exams, due to COVID-19, I’ve limited my appointments to ones I deem essential. While I take eye health seriously, I’m happy to report that I’m not experiencing any issues. But, I did notice that my glasses didn’t seem to be as effective as they were just one year ago. While it’s easy to order glasses online these days, you do need the numbers found on a prescription form to fill in the blanks to place an order. That’s where EyeQue’s VisionCheck comes in. This small device connects to a phone via Bluetooth, and through a series of nine exercises per eye of blending red and green lines until they overlap into a single yellow line, it delivers the numbers necessary to order glasses online or from a local optical shop.

Allow me to point out eye health is more than just making sure you can see well and the VisionCheck is not a substitute for an exam by a licensed medical professional.

I first learned of this product via an Indegogo campaign in 2019. While I ordered the VisionCheck, PDCheck and Insight device kits last year, I only opened the box last month when I cancelled my scheduled eye exam appointment. While the video (located below) will tell you more about this product, I can say that I’ve been happy with the results. And, considering that eyeglasses are what many will consider to be a very high margin product, it’s nice being able to use the VisionCheck/PDCheck devices to generate the necessary numbers and order glasses online at a substantial discount over what’s available from local stores.

Through my tests, I can say the $69 VisionCheck is an effective method of determining the numbers needed to order glasses online.

I’ll add that I’m no stranger to ordering glasses online and I’ve had some good experiences using Warby Parker in the past. But it seems the assortment of eyeglasses in my size seems to have dwindled to just a handful of offerings. I’ll add that my most recent order was what I would consider to be a lackluster experience. So, I decided to try a different online retailer and gave a try. I will say that I was pleased not only with the assortment, but with the speed and accuracy in which the order was delivered. While they have a quick ship program for basic lenses, I opted for additional features and they were delivered to my door one week after I pressed the buy button.

In this video, you’ll meet Phoebe Yu, the Director of Marketing at EyeQue and we’ll discuss both the VisionCheck, PDCheck and Insight products. For more information, visit

Here’s The Video

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