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Chapter 7: Motorhome Surround Sound Speakers: Do They Make Sense?

You can call this video, Andy’s Rant of the Day and today’s rant has to do with Motorhome Surround Sound.

During the time I’ve been shopping for coaches, I’ve noticed that more than just a few major manufacturers have failed to see the benefits of replacing the multi-speaker surround sound systems with a simple soundbar. As you’ll see in the video, I’m a bit miffed that while today’s RV’s, motorhomes and motor coaches offer multiple TVs, more times than not, they share the same “surround sound” speaker system. This means that unless you’re seated in a specific spot, the voice of the person on the screen could appear to be coming from a different direction.

Considering that soundbars, even many compact models, can deliver a very pleasing sound quality, when they are attached to a small subwoofer (wired or via Bluetooth) these slim speakers have the ability to deliver noteworthy sound that rivals a separate speaker system.

Factoring the ease of installation of a soundbar under a TV in a coach, I’m truly surprised that more manufacturers have not opted to go with soundbars over the more complicated ceiling installations.

Maybe I’m missing something and if so, I welcome your comments. Heck, feel free to comment anyway!

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