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A Creative And Possibly A Lifesaving Use For Drones

Considering the amount of negative press regarding the consumer usage of the quad copters commonly called drones, it’s nice to know there are some truly useful applications of this technology.

While much of the negative press is focused on inexperienced users or those flying in an irresponsible manner, there’s a number of users who realize that with the proper safety precautions, quad copters are a creative tool for photographers and provide low cost solutions to some common problems. Keeping beaches safe for swimmers is, in my opinion, in the right hands, this is a wonderful use for this technology.

The following video is from Inside Edition and it shows how lifeguards at Seal Beach near Los Angeles are using quad copters to keep swimmers safe. I’ll apologize for the commercial that precedes this story, but as stated, it’s from Inside Edition and I have no control on its ads!

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