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Interview With Yuneec USA Product Manager – Part 1

I just returned from spending a day at Yuneec’s USA offices in Ontario, California and my head is still spinning from all that I learned during my visit.

Needless to say, the camera was rolling throughout the day and if all goes as planned I’ll be releasing five videos that highlight various Yuneec products. In this video, you’ll meet Yuneec’s Product Manager, Raymon Robinson and he addresses some of the basics about Yuneec, the recent firmware update and flying issues experienced by some customers, all in a very open manner. I’ll be releasing more videos as time allows over the next week or so and each video will highlight a different product offering of Yuneec.

In this first video, while in my long winded fashion I’ll provide a background on how I started flying Yuneec copters and you’ll meet Raymon and learn of his background as wells as gaining insight into how Yuneec views its copter lineup.

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank all the folks at Yuneec USA for allowing me access to the offices and for welcoming my visit. This is fairly unheard of in this industry and I hope I don’t disappoint with the videos I’ll be releasing over the next few days.

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