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Just A Few Days Remaining To Subscribe To DirecTV Now At A Protected Price

While I’ll be posting a review in the near future, just a note that if you currently subscribe to AT&T cellular service, you may want to take a look at DirecTV’s “DirecTV Now” service. The inaugural “Go Big” promotional plan of $35 for 100 channels is set to expire on January 9th and the price will jump to $60 per month after that date. Those who take advantage of the offer will be grandfathered for... Read More

MotorCoach Resort St. Lucie West – RV Park Review

Other than beautiful weather more than half the year, one of the pleasures of living in Florida is the abundance of RV parks, campgrounds and upscale motorcoach resorts, all within a short drive of just about anywhere in the Sunshine State. Even better, if you have a flexible schedule and can travel with short notice, you’ll quickly learn that more times than not, it’s not that difficult obtaining a reservation in desirable parks…even those that may be listed as... Read More

An Easy New Year’s Resolution: Check Your Air Brakes! Here’s How:

New Year’s Resolutions seem to be promises you make to yourself, but more times than not, are forgotten very quickly. Here’s one that any RV, Motorhome, Motorcoach or Bus Owner should consider and the best part is, using this video as a guide, it’s easy to follow and it only takes a few minutes. While I produced this video about performing an air brake test a few months ago during my bus’s maiden voyage, I’ve found... Read More

Jupiter Palm Beach Motorcoach Resort – RV Park Review

Being new to the world of RV ownership, I’m far from an aficionado of RV or motor coach parks or resorts. To date, I’ve only camped at four different parks and each one was only for a one night stay. But unlike seasoned campers, I thought it might be helpful to others to provide a point of view from a newbie and to provide my thoughts on each park as I visit in my 1957... Read More

It’s Now Time To Choose A Toad…Not A Frog, A Tow Vehicle For The Starliner

Yes, a video of this adventure is located at the end of this post. Those who enjoy the motorhome or RV lifestyle seem to have a language that’s a bit foreign to newcomers. Take towing a car for example. While I’ll simply call it, “towing a vehicle,” those who are more familiar with the specific motorhome-related terms may call the car that rolls on all four wheels behind a RV a toad or a dinghy,... Read More
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