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Video: How To Perform An Air Brake Test On A Motorhome or RV

The last thing any motorhome or RV operator wants to experience is the panic of pressing the brake pedal (service brake) and not having any stopping power. Because motorhomes and RVs use an air system to activate the brakes, an air brake test should be conducted every time you get behind the wheel. The good news is checking this system is a fairly simple process and it only takes a few minutes. In this video, you’ll see... Read More

It’s Official, I Purchased A Vintage Motorhome! Why I Didn’t Buy A New Class A

In a previous post I provided an overview and a tour of a 1957 Flxible Starliner. I’m proud to announce that just a few days after seeing that bus for the first time and taking a couple of test drives through the backroads of Tennessee, I actually pressed the buy button! Here’s the video where I took delivery of my new Friend from an old Friend: So to the naysayers who felt that I was... Read More

Vintage Flxible Starliner Bus Brings Happy Days Here Again

What the heck is a Flxible Starliner? That was my first question when my buddy Jim invited me to check out the fully restored vintage bus he and his wife Joey have garaged in a temperature controlled barn in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. When offered this invitation, I did what anyone else would do when someone throws out a name of something they know absolutely nothing about…I Googled it! I had no need to do a Google... Read More

New Dash Cam Captures Dual Views And Video Evidence

These days, cameras are just about everywhere and it’s difficult to walk down any street without having your image recorded multiple times. In a way it’s sad, but it’s simply the way things are today. The video review of the Vantrue N2 dual camera Dash Cam is located at the lower section of this story.  Concealed cameras aren’t not just for airports, banks or casinos anymore as they are overtly placed in numerous locations to the point where... Read More

Parliament Prevost Converter Building Coach With 48 Hour Lithium Power

While the name Parliament doesn’t often come into conversation when discussing Prevost conversions, I’ll tell you upfront that if you’re considering a new or pre-owned million dollar RV, this company is worth a strong look. What are you saying Mr. Guru? Have you lost your mind? A NEW motorhome? Parliament hasn’t manufactured a new coach in more than seven years! Quite possibly I have lost my mind but that’s another subject. However, after spending two... Read More
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