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New Dash Cam Captures Dual Views And Video Evidence

These days, cameras are just about everywhere and it’s difficult to walk down any street without having your image recorded multiple times. In a way it’s sad, but it’s simply the way things are today. The video review of the Vantrue N2 dual camera Dash Cam is located at the lower... Read More

Andy Shows Conan How To Apply A Candom

This headline is not misleading as it actually did happen! We also show you something you never thought you could do with salad! In the video that follows this story you’ll see these demonstration along with some unusual products I demonstrated on Late Night With Conan O’Brien in the mid-1990’s.... Read More

In 1997, I Broke The Story Of The iPhone…Really!

The headline is not intended to be misleading as it’s a true story. On January 8, 1997 I published a story on GadgetGuru.com and MSNBC.com regarding new products being introduced at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. One of the stories I published was announcing an innovative new... Read More



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