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The Gadget Guru’s Ultimate DJI OSMO Review

NOTE: Scroll down to see the two-part video review. The reviews for DJI’s new OSMO handheld stabilizer are starting to roll in and to say the least, I’m confused. There seems to be two types of reviews currently being posted online and they are as different as night and day.... Read More

Yuneec Typhoon G Altitude And Video Quality Tests

As we’ve read on various thread, the Yuneec Typhoon is not able to lift of when its at an altitude of greater than 8,000 feet. Well, I’ve read different opinions on this. In fact, a Yuneec Factory Representative told me that a Typhoon copter could lift off at altitudes greater... Read More

Autoplay Ads Need To Go

To me, advertisements that play automatically, (otherwise known as “autoplay”) are one of the most annoying aspects of being online these days. It seems that more sites than ever are using this trick to get a paid advertiser’s message across to the web user. Here’s how an autoplay ad typically... Read More



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