The Ultimate DJI OSMO Review

I had the privilege of receiving a loaner of DJI’s long awaited OSMO Handheld Stabilizers in advance of the mass shipment to Dealers and had the opportunity to spend a few weeks to put it through its paces. In this series you’ll see the unboxing, view footage captured on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, view my two-part review as well as seeing a follow up interview with a DJI Representative at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. 



CES 2016: What’s Up With The DJI OSMO?

As regular viewers and subscribers to this YouTube channel already know, DJI’s OSMO was a product that I truly wanted to like. However, after many weeks of testing the OSMO in various environments, the first generation of this innovative handheld stabilizer failed to live up to expectations. There’s were... Read More

DJI OSMO Time Lapse Demonstration

Sometimes we don’t know what it taste like unless we try it. And that’s the case with the Time Lapse Feature on DJI’s OSMO Handheld stabilizer. But, when you think about it, using a handheld stabilizer for time lapse photos seems like a pain in the… Arm! Yes, arm. That’s... Read More

The Gadget Guru’s Ultimate DJI OSMO Review

NOTE: Scroll down to see the two-part video review. The reviews for DJI’s new OSMO handheld stabilizer are starting to roll in and to say the least, I’m confused. There seems to be two types of reviews currently being posted online and they are as different as night and day.... Read More

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