Prevost for Newbies

Let’s face it, anyone who tells you that understanding the basic operation of a luxury Prevost motor coach is simply too complicated, hasn’t taken the time to watch The Gadget Guru’s Prevost For Newbies video series.

Don’t get the wrong idea, a lot of responsibility comes when piloting any vehicle this size and it takes time to understand the various components that comprise the creature comforts. However, compared to many RV’s that are on the road today, a Prevost motorhome provides a more confident behind the wheel experience. Prevost coaches are designed with top tier components that keep them on the road longer than many of its motorhome rivals.

In this section you’ll learn why, after nearly two years of research, Andy felt that a Prevost was the wise choice for a motorhome platform and why he chose Marathon as his converter of choice.



Prevost For Newbies Part 4: When To Use High Idle

On most diesel pusher motorhomes, there’s a rocker switch on the upper left hand corner of the driver’s cockpit that features an image of a jack rabbit on the button. This is the High Idle Switch. While I’ve learned that activating this control increases the engines idle speed, the questions are: What is... Read More

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