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Did These Products Stand The Test Of Time? A Look Back The Gadget Guru’s 1990 Holiday Buying Guide

So, just what were the hot holiday gifts of 1990? From The Gadget Guru’s Video Vault, here’s a video of my first of nearly 500 appearances on NBC’s Today Show. This segment appeared live in December of 1990 and along with Deborah Norville we demonstrate what was then, some innovative new consumer electronic products. Remember Neo Geo, a new video format that was a higher tech version of the current offerings from Nintendo and Sega?... Read More

Andy Shows Conan How To Apply A Candom

This headline is not misleading as it actually did happen! We also show you something you never thought you could do with salad! In the video that follows this story you’ll see these demonstration along with some unusual products I demonstrated on Late Night With Conan O’Brien in the mid-1990’s. While I had chalked up a few hundred TV appearances, for a number of reasons, being a guest on this show was so different than any... Read More

20 Years Ago, I Was Riding Roller Coasters For A Living – On Live TV!

While I first appeared on NBC’s Today Show in 1999, I became a Contributing Correspondent with the show in early 2000 and my main focus was in line with my syndicated newspaper column and to produce Gadget Guru segments relating to consumer products. My beat was covering consumer electronics, housewares, hardware, sporting goods, toys and general new products. This meant I spent a lot of time walking countless miles of aisles of various trade shows! In... Read More

From 1996: Best First Apple Computer – 8x CD-ROM, a 28.8-kbps modem and 16 megabytes of RAM

The Ninth Annual Gadget Guru Product Awards: The Guru picks the best of the best for ’96. It had become a tradition that every year, just prior to the holiday shopping season, as The Gadget Guru, I would publish and unveil my picks for the best products of the year in a variety of categories. This listing was carried by a variety of media outlets and many of the product PR people would be hopeful its products would make... Read More

DVD Player To Become Reality – A Blast From The Past

While it was originally called the Digital Versatile Disc, the DVD suffered numerous delays and almost never made it to market. While today, the DVD is almost a non-relevant format, at one point, it was considered to be the next big thing and just about every name brand manufacturer touted its superior video quality. Like UHD and 4K TV today, DVD was confusing to most consumers as most of them were happy with the VHS.... Read More




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