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A DJI Phantom Meets A Mini Cooper – One Of My Favorite Aerial Videos!

Of all the aerial videos I’ve produced over the past few years, this one is absolutely my favorite as it combines technology, automobiles and creative video production techniques. And, it’s fun! In this video, I found myself in possession of a 2014 Mini Cooper Convertible for a long weekend. The backstory is that my car was in the shop for scheduled maintenance and the dealer was kind enough to provide the Mini Cooper as a loaner. Prior... Read More

DJI OSMO Time Lapse Demonstration

Sometimes we don’t know what it taste like unless we try it. And that’s the case with the Time Lapse Feature on DJI’s OSMO Handheld stabilizer. But, when you think about it, using a handheld stabilizer for time lapse photos seems like a pain in the… Arm! Yes, arm. That’s because it’s a handheld stabilizer and you need to hold it in your hand for a designated period of time. That’s where the time lapse... Read More

Aston Martin Meets A Drone

Either I’m a skilled drone pilot, or a little nuts, or quite possibly a little bit of both! After all, how many people would risk damaging the fine paint job and smooth lines of an Aston Martin with the rapidly spinning sharp blades of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision +? As you can see, at times, the copter did get a bit close to the Aston! Since I came from a world where getting the... Read More

2012 Victory Motorcycle Lineup

One Of My Favorite VOG Videos When I created The VOG motorcycle social network, I made an early decision to allow users to use screen names as opposed to real names. While this can be problematic from a moderator’s point of view as when the keyboard commandos come out in force and post behind screen names, sometimes the anonymity can deliver some harsh comments. Clif02 was not one of those guys as his posts were... Read More
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